• 2018 January 5 - March 24. Internship at Artificial Intelligence Research Center in Tokyo. Worked on Event Structure Classification (ESC) system under the supervision of Prof. Makoto Miwa.
  • 2017 July 30 - August 4. ACL 2017 @ Vancouver. Presented my student paper. Here’s the list of student papers accepted.
  • 2017 June 25 - July 5. Deep Learning and Reinforcement Summer School @ Montreal. Attended the summer school and I learned quite a lot. Here’s my personal write-up about it.
  • 2016 December 8 -12. COLING paper @ Osaka. Presented my NER shared task paper. The task consists of identification of named-entities in a tweet and classification of its entity type (e.g. location, person, organisation, etc). [paper].